When you are in need of concrete resurfacing in Utah, you can rely on Drake Custom Coatings. Our team has an exceptional concrete resurfacing process that beats tearing out old concrete and re-pouring new. Save time and money by choosing by having Drake Custom Coatings resurface your home or businesses concrete.  Our concrete surfacing solutions are durable and resistant to rust, grease, oil, and much more — they can even last through harsh weather conditions!

Why Choose Us For Concrete Resurfacing?

Some concrete coating services will just power wash your concrete and finish the job by tossing some coating on it. However, at Drake Custom Coatings, our superior resurfacing process beings with grinding the surface, which allows polymers to bond the old concrete with the new. Our team then continues by making any necessary repairs and completes the process with a broom finish. We then finish it all off with a top of the line concrete sealant that will keep your surface protected. In addition, we can add texture and color to your concrete for a more decorative look that will make others jealous.

Do You Need Concrete Resurfacing?

If you are faced with spalling, flaking, cracking, or crumbling concrete, or if you are just sick and tired of the same boring and dull concrete in your home or business, concrete resurfacing may be for you. We can make your concrete surfaces appear like they were just poured at a fraction of what it would cost to have your concrete surface completely ripped out and repoured.