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Our Process

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A lot of people question why exactly it’s so important to coat their concrete. It is totally a part of negative thinking, as there are a number of positive reasons to go for a concrete coating. There are different types of coatings that you can go with, one of which being paint and epoxy coatings, which tend to be the most popular. It is not just the look that matters, but it is also about a number of other productive things which makes concrete coating invaluable. The following is a detailed list of the continually positive benefits related to concrete coatings.

  • The concrete coatings are known to offer high resistance to grease, oil, and all other types of chemicals.
  • They do not have the tendency to get yellow and shows 100% UV protection as well.
  • You will find them to be abrasion and scratch resistant. Furthermore, stains are also not likely to occur on coated surfaces.
  • They offer a negligible amount of offensive VOCs.
  • Road abrasion and gravel stuck to tires will not chip or damage coated garage floors.
  • It will increase the longevity and durability of your concrete floor.
  • They make the area look attractive and spacious. The coating gets absorbed very well by the concrete, making it durable and long-lasting.
  • They are known to offer really fast rates, which in other words mean that there will be little to no chance of bubbling.
  • The solution provided overall is cost-effective if you consider the value and the benefits of having the concrete coating.

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Concrete provides a very sturdy option for the property owners with their flooring. But, concrete needs to be coated with paint or other texture designs to make it look attractive and soothing to the eyes. For domestic users, it is mostly a requirement in their garage where acidic and greasy stains ruin the surfaces. You want to have a coating which not only makes it look dapper but also makes it easier to maintain.

Steps required for coating concrete:

It could be a DIY project for you, but it is advised to take suggestions from the experts or you can at least prepare yourself by reading the instructions manual for care. The following are the major steps to concrete coating with paint:

  • The surface needs to be cleaned first, which you can do using a power washer or a scrapper. Sweep the entire area and wash it with soapy water.
  • You can apply a concrete patch on the damaged area such as the gouges, cracks or the uneven surfaces. Let it dry completely so that it would not get damaged.
  • After the surface gets thoroughly dried, you must seal the surface to avoid moisture penetration and also for having better resistance to stains, weather, abrasives, and water.
  • Then, it is the time to apply some primer to the surface which will ensure strapping adhesion of the coating applied.
  • Let the primer dry and then apply about 2 – 3 coats of the paint suitable for concrete surfaces using a roller or a paint brush. There should be sufficient time given for drying the paint in between the coats.

24 hours should be given after the last coat and then you can use the surface by moving in the necessary items.



Whether you want concrete staining or sealing service for indoor or outdoor concrete, you can count on the team at Drake Custom Coatings to provide you with the highest quality of customer service around. Transform your boring and dull concrete surfaces into works of art! Stained concrete can be an excellent addition to any property, residential or commercial, like:

  • garages
  • patios
  • pool decks
  • restaurants
  • walkways
  • retail stores
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