As you have probably have noticed, epoxy installation is quickly becoming a popular trend with cement flooring. While epoxy flooring is more common in commercial applications, it can be a practical choice for residential ones, too.

As you have probably have noticed, epoxy installation is quickly becoming a popular trend with cement flooring. While epoxy flooring is more common in commercial applications, it can be a practical choice for residential ones, too. In residential applications specifically, epoxy flooring is mainly installed in garages. This is because more and more homeowners are choosing to reclaim their garages, eliminating its use as an area to store seasonal items, things they don’t need, and other household clutter. When it comes to garages in Utah, epoxy flooring is a great option for homeowners. Having epoxy applied onto your garage flooring can make the area more attractive and versatile, as well as a long list of other benefits that make epoxy an appealing alternative to the traditional cement garage flooring. Check out some of the additional benefits that come with epoxy flooring installation in Utah.


One of the biggest advantages of epoxy flooring is that it is extremely durable. Yes, concrete is very durable, too. However, concrete can easily chip and crack. Garages are commonly used as a workshop and have heavy items scattered within them. Even with a perfect concrete floor, all it takes is a dropped, heavy item, like a tool, bike, or piece of equipment and your floor suddenly has a new imperfection. Plus, unlike epoxy, concrete is susceptible to common garage stains that are caused by different chemicals, oils, and other substances. If you have a garage with a concrete floor that experiences a lot of use, it won’t be long before the cement starts to gain its imperfections and begin showing wear.

Epoxy coating, on the other hand, is created by mixing hardeners and resins. When this mixture is applied to a porous or textured surface (like concrete) it adheres directly to a floor’s substrate. The epoxy coating creates a new surface that is resilient to deterioration, allowing the floor to easily handle those common impacts from dropped garage items as well as a large amount of weight.

Drake Custom Coatings Tip: Are you a car fanatic or a do-it-yourself mechanic who spends countless hours in the garage? Epoxy coating is a perfect choice! You won’t have to worry about gas, brake fluid, and other harsh chemicals damaging your floor. Simply wipe up spills and you’re ready to keep working.


When you look at the other options available for concrete overlays, epoxy coating is one of the most visually appealing choices you can pick. Many residential, commercial, and industrial buildings are choosing epoxy coating for their concrete floors due to its unique, slim, and modern design. Epoxy is available in a wide array of patterns and colors, making it incredibly simple to match the garage aesthetics. You can replicate the look of a natural stone, or choose a unique patterned-style. When it comes to epoxy flooring in your garage, there are many styles and options available that can help increase the appeal and attractiveness of your garage.


With garages generally being known as a dirty and dusty place. However, what many homeowners don’t know is that the dust and dirt isn’t necessarily coming from the cars, bikes, and equipment in their garage. In many cases, the dust we see on concrete garage floors is caused by the concrete itself, not the outdoors. Concrete flooring creates a fine dust that can easily spread out through a garage, causing your garage to always look dusty or filthy. With epoxy flooring, the coating acts as a sealer and helps reduce the amount of dust throughout your garage. Epoxy flooring is also easy to clean and sweep, so if your garage floor does get dirty it won’t require much time and effort to clean it.



Epoxy flooring is a plus for garages that go through snow, rain, and other forms of moisture. During winter and snowy months, snow and salt can build up on your concrete garage floor. Over time, this can leave your floor with water stains and salt rings. With epoxy flooring, however snow, water, and other excess moisture can easily be cleaned up. Since the surface of an epoxy coating is sealed, you won’t have to worry about water or salt damaging it.


Most epoxy coating textures are not only slip resistant, but resistant to fire and heat, too. While this feature can be extremely beneficial to homeowners, the safe attributes of epoxy are why you see it commonly used throughout commercial and industrial applications. Epoxy floorings can provide a level of grip and friction that cannot be compared with cement flooring.


When we think of garages, we may picture a vast, dark room. Even by adding lights, garages can still seem dark. However, epoxy coatings are generally bright and reflective. Having a bright or reflective floor can help enhance the natural lighting in a garage, making it a safer area in the end. The reflective properties of epoxy flooring make it easy to spot spills, dropped items, and debris. Plus, brighter flooring makes it easier to work on various projects in your garage without having to cause eye-strain.

Drake Custom Coatings Tip: To enhance both natural and artificial lighting in your garage, consider choosing a high-gloss epoxy coating.


Instead of opting to replace cracked and worn cement flooring — which includes the demolition and disposal of your current floor — and the addition (and purchasing) of new materials. Instead of tearing up your garage floor and creating unnecessary waste, you can just cover it with an epoxy coating. This way, instead of wasting materials, epoxy flooring enables you to reuse them.


Did you know that epoxy flooring is one of the most inexpensive flooring alternatives? While a standard, unfinished concrete floor is certainly the cheapest it requires far more care and will not last as long as epoxy. In addition, wood and tile is a great flooring option, but both are a costly investment and won’t last as long as an epoxy floor might. The longevity, affordable price, and durability make epoxy a cost-effective flooring option.

The benefits above are some of the many advantages that come with epoxy flooring installation. Epoxy coating is a great way to enhance your garages look, making it more appealing. If you are looking for garage floor epoxy installation in Utah, you can count on the team at Drake Custom Coatings. With over 10 years of experience paired with friendly service, Drake Custom Coatings has become one of the best concrete coating services in Utah! To learn about commercial and residential epoxy coatings, or to receive a free quote, contact Drake Custom Coatings today!