At Drake Custom Coatings, we understand that Utah home and business owners desire floors that are appealing, durable, and affordable. Epoxy floor coatings are a type of flooring that can be suited for almost any type of solid surface. This resin-style flooring system is very versatile and can range in style, colors, and designs for an extremely beautiful, or highly functional, epoxy flooring for residential and commercial applications. Drake Custom Coating specializes in professional and affordable epoxy flooring installation in Utah for residential and commercial purposes!

Residential Epoxy Flooring

Residential epoxy floors are a unique and appealing flooring alternative to wood, tile, or carpet, giving homes a modern, upscale look that is more affordable than many other flooring options. If you are considering upgrading your home’s flooring and giving it a more attractive appearance by installing kitchen, basement, living room, or garage epoxy flooring, the expertise, knowledge, and dedication to exceptional service at Drake Custom Coatings makes our team the preferred company for Utah residential epoxy flooring installation.

With a wide array of epoxy systems to choose from, homeowners can transform their living spaces into an area that will be eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing. Our team of epoxy flooring professionals is committed to satisfying our customers with the results they desire. Residential epoxy floors are an ideal choice for homeowners who want a decorative, durable floor that is made to last and will maintain its reflective, glossy properties for years to come.  At Drake Custom Coatings, we treat your residential property as if it was our own, following industry standards and methods to perform professional epoxy installation services. Homeowners who want epoxy flooring installation in Draper, Utah and the surrounding areas need to contact Drake Custom Coatings!

Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Drake Custom Coatings has over 10 years of experience in commercial epoxy flooring installation. Our team has performed a number of epoxy flooring installations for businesses in Utah. Our experience, skill, and innovative flooring solutions allow us to install highly functional and appealing epoxy floors in all types of commercial and industrial applications. Our team has performed epoxy installation for medical offices, local schools, retail stores,  factories, and automotive garages — to name a few. We are committed to installing visually appealing and durable surfaces that will remain tough and resistant to staining and damage in the often-rough commercial setting.        

If you have a business or commercial property and have been considering the installation of epoxy flooring as an alternative to tile or wood flooring, there are countless advantages, including:

Safety. In a commercial setting, flooring should be safe for workers and customers, especially considering the number of lawsuits filed each year for injuries caused by slips and falls.

Resistant to wear. Since many commercial properties are high-traffic areas, flooring material should resist the normal wear and tear in a commercial setting.

Moisture resistant. Ideally, commercial flooring should not absorb moisture. The non-porous surface of epoxy flooring is resistant to moisture and stains.

Aesthetically appealing. While design and colors are not a high-priority for most commercial properties, many companies desire a floor that is appealing and durable enough to withstand a commercial environment. Our color and design options make it easy for us to install custom epoxy flooring for businesses.

At Drake Custom Coatings, no commercial epoxy installation job is too big or small. Whether a small retail store or a large factory, we can handle it! Epoxy floor coatings are great for commercial settings where there is a potential for heavy foot traffic, equipment, and tools that can cause damage to standard flooring surfaces, like tile or concrete. When businesses need a flooring alternative that can stand up to rough, commercial environments, there is simply not a better choice than epoxy. Whether your business’s concrete flooring is no longer efficient or is in the process of remodeling, trust the team at Drake Custom Coatings to meet its commercial epoxy floor needs!

Choose Drake Custom Coatings for UT epoxy flooring

At Drake Custom Coatings, we are dedicated to being the best epoxy flooring service in UT. Our reliable and affordable epoxy flooring services have made us the preferred epoxy installer in Draper, Utah as well as some of the surrounding areas. If you are interested in residential or commercial epoxy installation, contact Drake Custom Coatings to receive a free quote!

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