Getting the Most Out of Your Concrete

So you’ve just had a beautiful, new concrete floor or patio poured — it’s cured, it’s nice and smooth and clean, just waiting for years of use by you and your family. You may not be thinking about it immediately, but there are ways that you can make sure your concrete flooring lasts as long as possible! The natural process of time will eventually cause your floor to need maintenance and attention, but we’d like to provide our Utah customers with some tips and tricks that will keep your concrete looking better, longer. Contact us if you have any other questions regarding keeping your concrete like new!

Start Off on the Right Foot

The best thing you can do from the very beginning is to make sure that your concrete floor is installed by professionals who know what they’re doing. We would like to take this opportunity to recommend ourselves for this position! Drake Custom Coatings has been providing Utah with the absolute best, high-quality concrete floors and sealants available in the market today. When your concrete is properly installed, it will last you years, if not decades without many problems. It should be noted that stamped concrete (concrete that has been stamped with a texture or pattern) typically lasts longer, since it is applied with a sealant. 

Keep It Nice & Tidy

Concrete is a hardy material that can stand up to a lot of abuse, but that doesn’t mean that you should let it be subjected to more wear and tear than necessary. Keeping your concrete floors clean will help reduce the risk of damage occurring. If your floor has had a sealant applied, making sure that moisture exposure is minimal will help maintain the integrity of the sealant. 


While a grand, majestic slab of concrete can be visually striking, it is also a good idea to take a decorative approach to protecting it. Rugs, carpets, and cushions on the feet of chairs or furniture will help reduce any scratching of the concrete surface that may happen. While concrete is resilient, it’s not immune to the accidental gouge from furniture being dragged across it. 

Be Careful With Chemicals

Your concrete should be able to handle tame chemicals without much problem, but there are some chemicals that can corrode even something as strong as concrete. If a chemical product containing ammonium nitrates or sulfates contacts concrete surfaces, it’s very possible that it can damage your concrete directly. If you ever use de-icing salt on concrete, it’s important not to let it sit there for longer than is necessary. Make sure you can walk safely on your concrete surfaces, then as soon as you can, make sure the surface is cleaned again. This can be especially important for newer concrete that has been sealed. The first cold season for sealed concrete is its most vulnerable time!

Give Shade to Outside Concrete

This one is maybe a little obvious, but if you provide cover for concrete that is outside, like your nice, new, stamped concrete patio, the longer it will last! Limiting the amount of exposure to the elements that your concrete experiences will help reduce the risk of premature wear and tear. Utah can get quite sunny and toasty in the summer months, so it might behoove you to think about what you can do to cover your outside areas! You’ll be thanking yourself when the mercury starts rising. Concrete retains heat, so covering it during those particularly sunny days will add to your comfort level in addition to protecting it from the elements. 

Keep An Eye On Plant Life

Root structures in plants and trees can grow beneath your concrete and start setting up shop. You’d be amazed what tiny little plants can do to concrete. If a tree’s roots get under your concrete, they can push up from underneath and split your concrete right in two. It’s much easier to prevent this from happening altogether than having to worry about replacing cracked concrete, because once concrete cracks, it’s cracked for good. 

Let Drake Custom Coatings Protect Your Concrete!

We love making your concrete look good. When you look good, we look good! We pride ourselves on providing our Utah customers with the best concrete coatings, sealants, and resurfacing options available. Contact us now to speak with a concrete specialist and get a quote on our services! We look forward to working with you and making your concrete something that you can enjoy for a lifetime.


Drake Custom Coatings recommends that you do the following to extend the lifespan of your concrete flooring, whether it is an interior floor or a patio:

  • Have it installed by us!
  • Keep your concrete surfaces clean and free of harmful elements
  • Get creative with your decorative features, like rugs and carpets
  • Use caution when using chemicals on concrete surfaces, as some can cause irreversible damage
  • Whenever possible, provide your concrete with a cover! Bask in the shade.
  • Monitor any plant life or vegetation that could damage your concrete.
  • Contact us with any questions you may have about our concrete services!