1. Why Does Concrete Flooring Crack?

    Concrete Cracking is Inevitable In most cases, if you have a concrete floor in your home or business, you will experience cracking at some point during your floor’s lifespan. Cracking in concrete is very common, but the reason for those cracks occurring can actually differ from scenario to scenari…Read More

  2. Get Your Pool Ready for Summer with a Pool Deck Coating

    Summer in Utah is here! Utah summers are known to come with lots of sun, scorching temperatures, and plenty of days spent by the pool — that is, if you’re lucky enough to have one. However, before you make a splash, it is important to ensure you take the necessary precautions to shore up on pool…Read More

  3. Why Does Concrete Crack?

    Concrete surfaces are made to undergo constant abuse from heavy traffic and adverse conditions. And even though concrete is one of the longest-lasting and most economical building materials, even the best concrete is not made to withstand years of wear and tear, especially in commercial and industri…Read More

  4. Reasons To Consider Concrete Staining Services

    Concrete staining is one of the best ways to transform a dull and boring slab. Stained concrete floors offer a variety of advantages that other flooring materials simply cannot match. The Benefits of Stained Concrete Floors At Drake Custom Coatings, we offer stained concrete application services in …Read More

  5. The Benefits of a Concrete Pool Deck Coating

    Summer is here, and if you haven’t already, it is time to prepare your backyard spaces to make the most out of the warm and sunny weather. One of the best ways to escape the heat of the warm summer days and get plenty of exercise is to take a dip in the swimming pool. If you own a pool, it is esse…Read More